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Our April, 2014, issue includes an article by Todd Mateer, "A Reed-Solomon Code Magic Trick." Here are the cards used in the trick. Each pdf file consists of 5 pages, one with all four cards, and then larger images of each card, one per page.



Our December, 2013, issue includes a crossword puzzle, "What Do You Study?" by Brendan W. Sullivan. To download copies of the puzzle, click on any of these links.

Entire puzzle, with solution: crossword1.pdf

    Just the puzzle grid: crossword1-grid.pdf
    Just the clues:    crossword1-clues.pdf
    Just the solution:    crossword1-solution.pdf

Entire puzzle, in Across Lite format: crossword1.puz
The Across Lite site is here:

This page is temporary, and it is not the official site for the MAA or the Magazine. You can download the puzzle from the Magazine's web site by following the links for article supplements.